Camels With Hammers Insomniac Theater: Rural Alberta Advantage's "In The Summertime"

As I do the overnight leg of my blogathon I am suddenly nostalgic for the overnights I used to work in the rec room at Grove City when I was an undergrad. I used to love VH1’s “Insomniac Theater”. So for this and the next post, I’m going to do a little Insomniac Theater and post a few of my favorite lesser known songs for those of you blearily still awake with me on the east coast. I guess for people on the west coast this will just count as normal bedtime music. In Australia, I guess it’s dinnertime music. Whatever. They’re just good songs.

A year ago, on back to back nights, I got to see two great bands, Rural Alberta Advantage and Low Anthem, so in this post I’ll profile a Rural Alberta Advantage song and in the next Low Anthem:

This song comes from the album Hometowns.

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