Christians Sexperimenting

One of the myriad indicators of Christianity’s falsehood is the distinctly religious neuroses it regularly creates around something as natural and as good as sex. In the video below Lisa and Ed Young, authors of Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, discuss how they asked the married couples in their church to have sex for 7 days. That this was a big deal, worth writing a book about and giggling over awkwardly, is a sign of Christianity’s juvenility. It’s the arrested development of a 2,000 year old religion.

via Bruce Gerencser

Your Thoughts?

  • Stevarious

    Talk about your stunted growth. “Having sex more often increases intimacy!” There’s a no-brainer to everyone and anyone who hasn’t had their sexuality crippled by constant guilt.

  • Alex Songe

    Arrested development? They need a Team-O-Sil.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    They wouldn’t even let them rest on the 7th day?

    How anti-biblical…

  • Daniel Fincke

    I wonder if this whole thing was not the husband’s round about way of getting his wife to have sex with him. “Well, I told the whole church to do it, honey, we can’t back out now!”

  • Giliell, not to be confused with The Borg

    That’s what I thought when they said that “the guys were cheering”. Coercion in the name of god.
    It’s wonderful how he mentioned that she might need to see a counselor first, but, ya know, in the mwentime, let the games begin.

  • Daniel

    With all the variety of sexual experiments in living, this story should just be white noise. The only reason to bring it up is because you’re on a soapbox.

  • judykomorita

    Having sex more often with someone who loves you, respects you, and treats you right, may very well increase intimacy. More power to you.

    However, for those who are mistreated outside of the bed (or worse in it), more sex leads to more distance, more hatred, more pain.

    Yes, I understand what you’re saying. Just wanted to say it’s not a no-brainer. And though guilt may be the biggest part in an xian relationship, it may not be for others.

  • Stevarious

    However, for those who are mistreated outside of the bed (or worse in it), more sex leads to more distance, more hatred, more pain.

    The idea that the sex I’m referring to is both consensual, desired, and at least moderately enjoyable was assumed in my comment. In retrospect, you are correct, not everyone reading that comment would assume this.

    It occurred to me to wonder, late yesterday, just how many of those wives, trapped in loveless marriages by their religious beliefs, were rewarded with a week of terror and pain for that pastor’s suggestion. I feel kind of ill thinking about it now.