Gabrielle Giffords Stepping Down From Her Congressional Seat

A moving video:

Your Thoughts?

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  • danielrudolph

    Don’t read the comments if you value your mental health.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    Giffords has been living in her second home in Houston since her release from TIRR Hospital. I suppose this vid means she and her husband are going to move back to Arizona and live there full time, now that there are no more Space Shuttles to crew.

    Who is the governor of AZ likely to appoint to serve now til January? Who are the likely candidates for her seat? Sad to see her go, but it was really inevitable. Brain injuries of this type are a major pain. She seems still pretty intellectually sharp, but with huge problems in attention and mobility. That’s got to be the worst, because you can be so aware of your limitations.

    But at least she didn’t become another Phineas Gage.