Natalie Reed Answers Common Confusions About Trans Women

Natalie Reed is a trans woman and blogger who is going to be joining Freethought Blogs sometime in the next few weeks. You can check out her prior work at Skepchick and at Queereka.

Of particular note is her extremely illuminating 2 part essay in which she addresses 13 common confusions and philosophical challenges that often come up among cis gendered people when they discuss trans women. In part one she dispels in detail these first 7 confusions and challenges:

1. Trans women are just really, really, REALLY gay.

2. So you’re going to get your penis cut off?

3. So you’ve chosen to get a sex change operation?

4. “It’s a trap” / Trans women are just gay guys trying to attract straight dudes.

5.  Aren’t you sort of reinforcing stereotypical gender roles? Aren’t you just going along with the idea that having a feminine personality means you must be female? Doesn’t that perpetuate the idea that there are certain ways women and men are “supposed” to be like?

6. If our culture didn’t have such strict gender roles, there would be no need for transition.

7. You’re so brave!

And in part 2, she deals with 6 more points of contention:

8. You’re appropriating the female body.

9. Why can’t you just accept yourself? Why not just learn to be comfortable with who you are?

10. You don’t really become female. The process is only cosmetic. You’re still technically a man.

11. Drag queens, transsexuals, transgenders, cross-dressers, what’s the difference?

12. Transsexuality is just an invention of the modern medical establishment, a symptom of Western culture.

13. You’re infiltrating women’s spaces and making them unsafe.

Get to know Natalie, she’s going to fill a crucial niche of freethinking for Freethought Blogs very soon.

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