Shit Nobody Says

As my 24 hour blogathon ends its seventh hour, I give you a funny video circling the intertubes today.

More blog posts coming every 45 minutes. Feel free to put your suggestions for topics in the comments or in an e-mail to me.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Ms. Daisy Cutter, Feral Fembeast

    “I wish there were more WNBA games.”

    Right, because who wants to see silly GURLZ playing sports. huh??? Fail….

    • Bret

      I take it you stopped before the Rosie O’Donnell and Whitney remarks?

      How about…

      “I wish there was a few more hours of pre-Super Bowl Coverage.”

      “Guys in porn should talk more and breathe even heavier.”

      “He needs to use more Axe Body spray.”

      “She’s in prison for raping a 12 year old.”

      “Watching him play video games is so fun!”

      “That action movie needed less story and more people being shot.”

      “It’s so hard to find guys on Craigslist who just want anonymous sex.”

      Does that constitute some parity?

    • Ms. Daisy Cutter, Feral Fembeast

      I watched the whole thing, thanks. I couldn’t remember the Rosie or Oprah quotes entirely.

      No, actually, it doesn’t constitute some parity, because, believe it or not, some women like violent action movies, anonymous sex, and sports.

      And, yeah, women do go to prison for statutory rape. Google “Debra LeFave” and “Mary Kay LeTourneau.” But your whiny-ass titty baby “What about teh menz??” input is noted.

    • Bret

      Jesus Christ… so then your problem is you have no sense of humor.

      Good luck with that. It sounds miserable.

    • Happiestsadist

      Or she likes comedy to be actually funny, and not falling back on cliches and misogyny. If nobody laughs at your jokes, consider that the problem may not be the audience.

    • Ms. Daisy Cutter, Feral Fembeast

      What Happiestsadist said.

      If your type of humor involves punching down, not up, then it’s not only assholish, it’s stale and boring, and you are as well. Enjoy your Dane Cook CDs; anything more challenging would probably give you a headache.

    • Bret

      I don’t know which is more ludicrous… that you think I like Dane Cook or that you think I would buy a CD… of any kind. For someone calling my humor “stale and boring,” your comeback makes you look like a member of AARP.

      And Happiestsadist, you diminish a word like “misogyny” when you throw it around where it has no warrant. It’s embarrassing. And it’s ridiculous to pretend cliches have no places in humor. I think what you mean is “stereotypes,” but even those have a place in all kinds of comedy.

      All this faux-rage because someone pointed out no one cares about the WNBA… how petty we are letting feminism become. It’s no wonder some people erroneously think feminism is obsolete.