Welcome New Readers Interested In Secularism and LGBT Issues

My post on Kyrsten Sinema’s historic decision to run for Congress as an openly non-theistic and bisexual candidate has generated a lot of interest from new readers. I am in an airport waiting to fly home from visiting with family so I can’t do any other new blogging of substance until later tonight. In the meantime though, if you’re here because you’re interested in secularist political philosophy or philosophy of LGBT issues, I am a philosophy professor and below I’ve listed some of my favorite philosophical posts I’ve written on those topics, starting with the ones on secularism. Also, here’s a new blog called Queereka. It’s about LGBT issues and their interaction with skepticism and it’s brought to you by the Skepchicks.

On Secularism:

Questions For Those Who Oppose The Wall of Separation Between Church and State

On The Conflict Over The Meaning And Cultural Influence of Political Secularism

American Values vs. Fundamentalist Values

How Christian Beliefs And Values Are No More Creditable With America’s Founding Than Islamic Ones

The Religious Conservative’s False Choice: “Big Brother” Or “Heavenly Father”

Thoughts On The Ethics Of Private Vs. Publicly-Mediated Generostiy

Why Clergy Rightfully Have No Place At A 9/11 Memorial (Or Any Civic Ceremonies)

9 Vital Points About The Public Relevance of Political Candidates’ Religious Beliefs

On LGBT issues:

An Argument For Gay Marriage And Against Traditionalism

Why Loving The Sinner But Hating The Sin Is Not An Issue When Dealing With Gay People

Gays, Jesus, and Judging

Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?

Be Careful About Loving Women Too Much Lest Other Guys Think You’re Gay

Confronting Conservative Christians With The Consequences Of Their Homophobia

Bishop of Church of England Doesn’t “Share Same Faith” As Those Who Accept Homosexuality

Gays And Christianity

Gays and Christianity 3: If God Exists and Is Good, He Cannot Oppose Gay Love

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