What It's Like To Be Transgendered (A Response To The Anti-Transgender Girl Scout)

This is a tour de force reply to the Girl Scout who was protesting the GSUSA’s openly welcoming incorporation of transgendered girls into their programs. Thanks to Trickster Goddess for sharing it in the other post’s comments section.

The Girl Scouts support him. Support them by eating cookies.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Tigger_the_Wing

    Great response, thanks for posting it.

    I really identified with the guy in the video. Like him, I never understood girls, so kept company with my brother and the boys in primary school; but unlike him I was sent to an all-girls secondary school. Even there I was always given male nicknames. After seven years of failing to become inwardly as female as my outward appearance I escaped into the workplace (always in male-dominated jobs) where, guess what? I hung around with the blokes, joined motorcycle clubs, and met my husband. Yep, I have a male brain but it’s a gay one. I’ve only ever been attracted to men.

    My generation whilst growing up weren’t really made aware that there was anything normal other than straight male/ straight female; everything outside that was a mental disorder to be ashamed of and disguised. You fitted into whichever one of those two boxes other people decided was appropriate or got locked up and/or medicated. I’m so glad that today’s youngsters have a better education on such matters but deeply sad that they still have to face awful prejudice.

    But let’s hope that the bigots are losing, and more and more societies are accepting that humans come in a wide variety.

  • Otrame

    Is anyone surprised that comments are disabled on the original video?

    Also, check out the “HonestAsians Boycott Rice” response. Pretty good.

  • Trebuchet

    I saw that after watching the bigoted Girl Scout video; glad someone linked it and you’ve posted it. Brave kid!

    I do have to wonder, however, if the Girl Scouts actually would accept him, since he identifies as male. A moot point, I expect, since he’d have no interest in joining them. It’s a cinch he’d never get into the Boy Scouts.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Daniel Fincke

      I just mean they support transgendered people. I don’t get the impression he’d want to be a Girl Scout.

  • Chris

    original video has now been made private..