Virginia's Aggressively Theocratic Governor

Have you gotten up to speed yet on Bob McDonnell, Virginia’s theocratic governor who is being touted as a serious contender to be the GOP Vice Presidential nominee? If not, Rachel Maddow’s report is eye opening, troubling, and must-see:

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Your Thoughts?

  • StevoR

    My thoughts?

    Rachel Maddow is awesome!

    Bob McDonnell is a scary theocrat who will never become VP – surely!? Hopefully.

  • MarkAurelius

    I am speech less…. never thought such biased legislative actions are possible

  • Orange_Drake

    I’m not sure if I’m rooting for this guy or not. On the one hand if he’s the vice-presidential candidate he could be hugely damaging to the campaign. On the other, there’s the chance he could actually achieve a position of power.

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Fortunately since that report, Bob Troglodyte has backed off from the ultrasound bill.

    This man is virulently anti-woman and virulently anti-gay. I hope any woman will vote against any Republican platform with the Trog in it, solely on the basis that he will make life harder for women when he’s Veep.