A Medley of the La Las and Na Nas and Da Das

A joyous and creative experiment, the “history of lyrics that aren’t lyrics”:

Unfortunately, you can also hear the devolution of mainstream pop as the quality steeply drops in the songs chosen from the last couple decades.

Your Thoughts?

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  • kdan59

    How can they leave out classics such as “Me and Bobby McGee” (Na na na na, etc), “Tutti Frutti”, and assorted James Brown and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins songs?

  • James Sweet

    Daniel, there is only one possible way for me to respond to your final comment there:

    lol wut ur old ftw

  • Desert Son, OM

    They could have started earlier than 1965, too.

    Ella Fitzgerald and Cab Calloway, to name just two giants of scat singing.

    Although, they may have been strictly limiting the genre to pop, so what do I know?

    Still learning,


  • Desert Son, OM

    Er, earlier than 1964. I stand corrected myself.

    Still learning,


  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    What? No room in the “history of lyrics that aren’t lyrics” for the best example ever?

  • rcs

    Fun video, but needs a reference to Who put the Bomp?

  • chezjake

    Even before “Who put the Bomp”, from the earliest days of DooWop in 1954, you just can’t beat “Sh-Boom” for lyrics that aren’t lyrics.

    • rcs

      I fell in love dancing to Sh-Boom. Over and over again. With the same guy. We’re still together.

      Who Put the Bomp is a fun tribute to doo-wop though.