Andrew Breitbart vs. Occupy Protesters Outside CPAC

The shameless muckraking right wing activist melts down against a well organized Occupy front:

Your Thoughts?

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  • josh

    i have to say, the protesters are just as scary as that breitbart

    • Cafeeine

      if you take into account the differenc in numbers that makes Breitbart downright terrifying.

  • Marshall

    Is “behave yourself” equivalent to “shut up and get in line” for this guy? Because that’s how that comes off to me.

    • Cafeeine

      Im more interested with the ‘stop raping people’.

  • Brandon

    That’s a pretty amazing level of idiotic tribalism on display. Who does that with such a complete lack of introspection? I can’t imagine being on either side of that shout fest, seeing the video, and feeling good about myself.

  • Zugswang

    “Stop raping”? I thought that’s what the Occupy movement was trying to accomplish, financially.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    I have been to several local Occupy events. I have never seen this level of rage.

    There where a couple of harassers at the N17 Houston divestment march, the cops told them when the light turns green you have to go. But we got to send account holders into the banks two at a time to close their accounts and walk out with cashier’s checks.

    Things were hot at #D12 Houston. We got in to the shit then. Sleeping Dragon blockade at the Old Port Gates. I climbed the embankment with a few others to get the truckers to slow down and honk their support. Many slowed and honked. We almost shut down the 610 Ship Channel Bridge.

    But then we saw the tent and the saws. Have to admit that I ran down the embankment to check that out. around the same time the few remaining protesters were asked to leave the embankment and the right lane of the bridge was blocked off so truckers could not see what was happening. We shut down part of the bridge during rush hour, as well as the Old Gates for four Hours. We are unstoppable. Another world is possible.

    I always hated pep rallies. I was always suspicions of people chanting or signaling in unison. But Occupy has taught me it’s OK for for the right reasons. Do you know what, jazz hands, a fist with an upraised finger means? Do you know the danger of crossed forearms?

    If you don’t then screw you Herbert. Spock is not Herbert.

    But back to the video. What is up with Breitbart? When Occupy chants it is a game. When they rage they reveal their true nature. We are in the game but also above the game. Anyone we provoke loses. Breitbart has lost big time.

    Earth day approaches. Expect us. Things will happen no one knows about.