Are You One of the Millions Who Support Ellen?

The “One Million Moms” (who actually only had around 40,000 Facebook likes) tried to get Ellen Degeneres fired as a JC Penney spokesperson on account of her being gay. A counter Facebook page looking to garner an actual 1,000,000 supporters for Ellen started fishing for likes and has received over 100,000 in a hurry. If you happen to have a Facebook account and want to register your approval for Ellen, go here to do your liking business. Plus, if you’re a straight couple interested in showing your support for gay couples in general, consider being a part of this photo project.

In case you need some motivation, below the fold are some of the lovely and charming videos of Ellen with her wife Portia that took up my afternoon:

Your Thoughts?

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  • nmcc

    I certainly don’t think she should be fired for being a lesbian.

    I think she should be fired for being a tedious, talentless, fucking moron. Her show is atrociously inane crap; she couldn’t ask an interesting question to save her life; her audience is invariably a crowd of drooling airheads who wouldn’t be out of place at a Nurembourg rally; she is about as funny as the proverbial boil on the bum; and, with that bizarrely staring visage of hers, she looks like a demented zombie let loose on a busy motorway. Oh, and her dancing is shite too.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      So we’ll put that down as a ‘no’?

  • C Tran

    I am unable to back Ellen because she took Portia from me.

  • nmcc

    Christ! Two of her audience members have turned up.

    • BrianX

      Make that three, smartass. Or dumbass. Whichever applies better to you.

  • nmcc

    ‘Make that three…’

    See, proved my point about her audience.