Because Tebowing is just so 2011.

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Why Would Being Controlled By A Brain Be Any Less Free Than Being Controlled By An Immaterial Soul?
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Dr. Daniel Fincke  has his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and spent 11 years teaching in college classrooms. He wrote his dissertation on Ethics and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. On Camels With Hammers, the careful philosophy blog he writes for a popular audience, Dan argues for atheism and develops a humanistic ethical theory he calls “Empowerment Ethics”. Dan also teaches affordable, non-matriculated, video-conferencing philosophy classes on ethics, Nietzsche, historical philosophy, and philosophy for atheists that anyone around the world can sign up for. (You can learn more about Dan’s online classes here.) Dan is an APPA  (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) certified philosophical counselor who offers philosophical advice services to help people work through the philosophical aspects of their practical problems or to work out their views on philosophical issues. (You can read examples of Dan’s advice here.) Through his blogging, his online teaching, and his philosophical advice services each, Dan specializes in helping people who have recently left a religious tradition work out their constructive answers to questions of ethics, metaphysics, the meaning of life, etc. as part of their process of radical worldview change.

  •!/TominousTone Thomas Lawson

    I’m going to do that for the rest of the night. Is there a time limit?

  • Timberwoof

    I play adult amateur ice hockey; I’m a goalie. My coach tells me that I ought to sit quietly before a game and visualize making various movements and saves because that will help me actually do them correctly in the game. Anybody who saw me do that and did not know what I was doing might conclude I was praying. I suppose that could be interpreted as a prayer to the Goalie Gods, that their perfection should rub off on me in my beer-league attempts…

  • peterh

    Praying? Not praying? Who’s to know? Who’s to care? Next topic, please.

  • Cathryn

    *chuckles* This made my day! Thanks for the laugh!

  • lordshipmayhem

    I have to say I’m glad their flies are up, otherwise I’d be wondering what they were grasping so firmly in their hands.

    Please pass the brain bleach.