Colbert Takes On His Church's Demands For Exemptions From Health Care Law

Colbert’s remark about Bishop Bucks struck me as eerily like a comment on Camels With Hammers from someone named Lyra the week before:

This argument that the Catholic Church should be able to deny its employees insurance that includes birth control infuriates me.

It’s my fucking insurance, not theirs. If Catholics don’t want to use birth control, they can have fun with that; they can CHOOSE it. They do not get to CHOOSE for me. They idea that making them give me insurance that includes birth control is a violation of their religious freedom is absurd; is it a violation of their religious freedom to mandate that they pay in money that can be used to go buy condoms at the local grocery store? Or are we going to create special CathlicBucks(TM) that are restricted in their usage? No, because that would be freaking stupid. They should no more get to forcibly dictate that birth control is kept off my insurance than they can forcibly dictate that I don’t take money out of my wallet and use it to buy condoms. My money (and my health insurance) may be something they give to me, but once they have given it to me, it’s MINE, not theirs. They have no right to control how I use it.

Coincidence? I hope not!

In case you missed any Camels With Hammers the last two weeks, this story had my attention quite a bit. First I debated a Catholic theology student for three posts:

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