Collapsing Cooling Towers

Sorry I’ve been a little short on substantive writing the last couple days. I’ve been sick and on NyQuil since Tuesday night and it’s got me a little bleary and lethargic. It’s getting so bad that in the video below of cooling towers being destroyed I could swear I saw faces on the towers. I need to go back to sleep…

Your Thoughts?

  • RW Ahrens


  • Ace of Sevens

    No plane!

  • sithrazer

    I imagine the Nyquil made that video infinitely more entertaining, and it’s already fairly amusing.

    I believe it was in a relatively recent Popular Science magazine where they did a piece on nuclear fusion (and the goal of fusion power plants). The writer speculated that even if we don’t achieve significant, or even positive, power outputs from fusion it might be a feasible addition to fission plants for recycling the spent fuel rods or turning them into less hazardous forms.

    Your thoughts?

    • Daniel Fincke

      I wish I had thoughts on things like this, but I know next to nothing about physics and nuclear technology. Sorry.