Gay Cops: "It Gets Better"

Towleroad has more on the video.

Your Thoughts?

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  • bob

    PPFFF, WTF? Yeah this is totally consistent with the violent political repression these people engage in and go along with all the damn time! So much for standing up for the little guy. How about an apology for all the crimes you have committed against activists in the gay rights movement, SFPD? Or the historical institutional discrimination?? Or shit was the LAPD, I was paying so little attention to the propaganda tripe.

    Oh and never mind your latest violent crime spree against the activists of occupy SF??

    Better yes how about actually paying the compensation you OWE people you have committed crimes against? You know, YOU pay the cost instead of whoops, shit happens so sorry enjoy the bill. Bastards.

    • publius

      Holy $hit, Bob. How do you go through life as such a condescending BIGOT?

  • Linda Kloss

    Hell, dear people, I am straight and life has been hard. You guys are brave and I imagine your pay offs are huge — to have a grand dad to just say, “I love you.” I do believe things will get better – the heart-filled things – anyway.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I so look forward to the day when videos like this are no longer needed and everyone is automatically respected for the human being that they are, and not judged by their sexuality, their sex, their race etc. Just respected as a human being. It’s so sad that this is still needed, but while it is, kudos to the SFPD for this, it’ll help move things in the right direction.