"Gay Marriage Doesn't Threaten Our Marriage"

Friend of Camels With Hammers George Waye has passed on to me information about a photo campaign by Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality. Preferably by Valentine’s Day they’d like to get a bunch of heterosexual couples to pose with signs that read “Gay Marriage Doesn’t Threaten Our Marriage”. Here are the founders of the group, Derek Forgie and his wife Tessie, illustrating the idea for us:

Here’s how to participate:

1. Make a sign that says “Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage” feel free to add “facebook.com/TheHSSE”

2. Take a picture of you and your husband/wife (and kids?) holding the sign.

3. Go to facebook.com/TheHSSE and upload the photo to their wall. Alternately, you can e-mail the picture to me (my first and last name[George Waye],ampersat,consultant, period, com) If you put “George sent me” and I get twenty photos……

4. I will raffle off the free “Straight Not Narrow” T-shirts to the people who participate-your name will be entered so long as your picture is posted by Noon on February 14th.

So get to it. Be a part of something meaningful.

And, if you live in Toronto, you can get professional photos done for free!

As part of the campaign, for the month of February, the wonderfully talented staff at “Who Do You Love? Photography” in Toronto are very generously offering FREE professional couples portraits like the one above. If you’d like to book your session (or if you have any questions) email: contactus@WhoDoYouLovePhotography.com

For more information in general on this project, visit George’s blog Misplaced Grace.

And to help me quickly get a wife so I can participate in this project in time for Valentine’s Day, send your leads to camelswithhammers @ gmail . com. I like long walks on the beach, Doritos, and gay people (but not that way).

Your Thoughts?

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  • Forbidden Snowflake

    It’s a nice, life-affirming way to stomp the silly “threatening traditional marriage” meme, I guess.
    I’m too single to participate and too far away to hit on you, so I guess my passive support will have to do.

    • Jeremy

      I’m in the same boat. Not single, but not married. I’ll try to convince some married friends to go for it, though.

    • http://sidhe3141.blogspot.com sidhe3141

      Gay marriage doesn’t threaten my hypothetical future marriage either.

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    Alternatively, you can make a sign saying “I’m not married yet, but it’s not the Gays’ fault, I swear!”

  • Linda Kloss

    It boggles my mind that in 2012 this is still even an issue. But I say this: You go gay men and women!! Your day is coming soon. But I worry this will always be an issue for religous people of any faith only because of the problems their hate causes.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Daniel Fincke

      I feel confident that as soon as 2020, it will no longer be an issue.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    I like long walks on the beach

    Do you like piña coladas?

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Daniel Fincke

      I like getting caught in the rain.

    • marcus

      Get a room.

  • marcus

    I am newly engaged and expect to be getting married soon (het). I intend to get a bumper sticker that says,
    “Marriage equality makes my marriage better!”
    How could I enjoy my relationship and marriage fully knowing that so many others are being mistreated and discriminated against?

  • Roxane

    Wish I could introduce you to my daughter! She’s a cute atheist art teacher.

  • http://outofthegdwaye.wordpress.com/ George W.

    First of all Dan, thank you so much for helping me get the word out.
    HSSE has done a great job the last few years advocating for the LGBT community in Toronto and beyond. I think that a group that works to help the gay community from the outside has filled an important niche.

    Second, the photographer in Toronto who is co-sponsoring the campaign has said that they want all couples-not just married couples- to participate. From her message to me:

    I just wanted to make a quick note – we’re encouraging *all* opposite-sex couples to pose with signs, regardless of their marital status. Here are some suggestions for if you’re not married, but feel free to come up with your own!

    Gay love doesn’t threaten our love.
    Same sex relationships don’t threaten our relationship.
    We support love. Period.
    Straight against hate.
    Straight not narrow.

    I really hope that we can get as many participants as possible. It is a worthy cause that requires little effort and virtually no money.