Happy Times

The Obama campaign commemorates 5 years since Obama announced for president. It’s political propaganda, of course, but boy is it some slick, professional, cutting edge advertising. And the consistency in tone with the ’08 campaign shows a remarkable feel for continuity of “branding”:

So does this mean that the 2012 Obama campaign will be going, unchastened and undisillusioned, back to its ’08 roots? While the right wing casts its lots with ugly resentment, demonization, regressiveness, and identity politics of the most mean-spirited and authoritarian kind, Obama’s pitch will remain hope and hero-worship—still of the substance-free kind? If so, it makes sense. He tried details- and compromise-based governance and his abysmal failure to win seemingly any messaging wars in his first term with more sober speeches and professorial dialectics probably indicates that this sunny Reaganism is probably his shrewdest route, tactically. If the Republicans will refuse to run against him as he really is and instead run against him as a symbol of everything their voters ever feared in the world, then he is simply going to go back to running as a symbol of everything that his base hopes for too. And he’ll hope that those in the middle are more effectively seduced by hope than by fear. In America, that’s probably still a good bet.

At least if the unemployment rate lowers or stays reasonably close to where it is now.

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