Libby Anne on Growing Up Fearing The Rapture

Libby Anne details some of the anxieties she and others felt growing up as true believers in the rapture:

I was very afraid the rapture might occur and I might be left behind. One morning when I was ten or twelve I woke up and couldn’t find anyone in the house. Before I realized that my mom and siblings had simply gone outside to enjoy the beautiful morning, I completely freaked, convinced that the rapture had occurred and I had been left behind. That fear was real and palpable.

Sometimes one of my siblings would change in the morning or later in the day and just leave a pile of clothes on the floor rather than putting them in the dirty clothes. Sometimes I would come upon just such a pile of clothes and take fright, fearing that maybe my sibling had been raptured and I had been left.


The Bible says there will be no marrying in heaven, and no having children. Given that I was being raised to see being a wife and mother as my highest calling, and given that I was a bit of a little romantic, the idea that I might be raptured before marrying and having children, and thus never marry or have children, frightened me.

You know what’s weird? Because of the imminent nature of the rapture, I never pictured myself in old age. I didn’t think I would live that long. I only hoped to live long enough to marry and have a passel of children, and I felt that even that was pushing it.

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  • Gordon

    It must be a terrifying way to live.

  • Xenolith

    Ha ha ha… Good american humor. Beautiful prank!

    • John Morales

      That sort of humour makes me cringe.

      (I hate practical jokes; I see them as thinly-disguised cruelty)

  • Jeff Sherry

    I find this an alien world of thinking that I was not exposed to while growing up. It all seems to tie together with the creation museum, moral majority and the religious push in politics.

    Are mainline Christian groups moving down the path of the millenialists?

  • grumpyoldfart

    The girl in that video could eventually become President of the US. She’s got the mentality for it.

  • mikelaing

    Actually, I live in fear of those that live in fear of the Rapture. Even more, those that live in hope of it. These people are certifiably insane, and their way of thinking is dangerous. No wonder their kids get twisted, and no wonder they were twisted as kids.
    I had a particularly close friend that effin’ hated her JW parents because they would torture her with threats that the End was starting(can’t even describe it without twisted language lol) and she was imminently going to hell.
    The ones that don’t fear the Rapture, believing themselves to be ‘chosen’ already, but can’t wait for it to punish the sinners, they truly can, and some do, act without responsibility for the future, and others that are ‘sinners.’
    Or, perhaps, they would be malicious without an excuse anyways…

    But, that girl in the video – she wasn’t even christian, for godssake! She is certainly dumb enough, but not religious enough, to become president!