Occupy Heaven

Mr. Deity’s captives beloved subjects are unsatisfied for a number of reasons:

I examined arguments that hell is God’s favor to those who just don’t want to be with him in my post Hell as the Absence of God (a fictional dialogue between my characters Jaime and Robin).

Although I think there are ways to imagine immortality which do not conceive of it as a boring waste of time, here and here Mano Singham raises some interesting challenges to the value of what Christians offer as immortality.

The Ruslan Sirota album Brian plugs at the end of the video is here.

Your Thoughts?

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  • mikelaing

    Even worse than boredom, I think Christians say that time in heaven is spent praising and worshiping God, and nothing but. You just really want to do it all the time.

    Actually, it’s easy to just postulate that you will never be unhappy in heaven, and that no matter what it is like, you will be ecstatic about it.

  • oldebabe

    The whole idea of `immortality’ and `heaven’ is dreadful. If that’s what one is touted to get for a god-belief, I can see why people would want to take their chances otherwise…

    Actually, it’s a nice feeling to know one is just a part of nature, and we are just a part of whatever happens naturally. If you know what I mean.

    In any case, we’ll know the answer individually, eventually,
    one way or the other, or… maybe not…