The Food Stamp President

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  • unbound

    Kind of figured that it was going to end up that way. Really sad that that it wasn’t a journalist from NYT or WP figuring this out…

  • mikewelsh

    I thought for sure he was going to name Reagan. Hell, they even called the government cheese Reagan Cheese.

  • plutosdad

    As many bad things as Bush did, he certainly lived out the loving your neighbor part of Christianity better than most Republicans in office, such as here, or the billions for fighting AIDS in Africa, money for prescription drugs for seniors, etc, and he certainly wasn’t rabidly anti-Muslim like some of these people.

    But I guess also you need a certain level of sanity in order to become President, or even Senator, which is probably why most of the elected nuts in the federal government can only get as far as the House, since you only need a few thousand neighbors to vote for you to get elected to the House.

    Now we have Republicans in office who keep trying to defund WIC and SNAP, which is ridiculous. You can certainly believe in moral hazard, and overspending, and be angry at how welfare perniciously tries to keep people on the fringes on it (since you start losing more than a dollar in benefits for every dollar you make). But that doesn’t mean, when trying to cut the budget, you go after the weakest first. Especially WIC? When we already have the worst infant mortality rate in the modern West, and every scientific measure we’ve taken shows how important early childhood nutrition is and how it’s effects last the rest of someone’s adult life? I’d rather spend a few bucks to help someone become smarter and stronger later in life, than save those few bucks, and have the economy harmed because that person is less productive and more needy.

    This is sort of a stunt, but this mayor is blogging about her experiment to try to live only eating what she could buy with food stamps:

    • plutosdad

      Oh my WIC example was why we should fund it from a purely practical standpoint, not a moral one, since that seems to be the only way to get some people to agree.