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It was nice to see Jon Stewart finally have a chance to weigh in on last week’s absurd push from the Catholic Church to win the exemption from the law requiring employers to provide health insurance that covers contraception:

In case you missed any Camels With Hammers last week, this story had my attention quite a bit. First I debated a Catholic theology student for three posts:

Part 1: “Should Catholic Employers Be Exempted From Paying For Health Insurance Covering Contraception?”

Part 2: “What Are The Limits of Church Authority In the Public Sphere?”


Part 3: “Must (or Can) the Religious Engage in the Secular Sphere ‘Non-Religiously’?”

And there was my polemic against the theocratic bullying of the President:

Religious Privilege and Grievance-Based Catholic Identity Politics on Full Display

And there was my inference about what the Church’s position logically entails:

The Catholic Church Wants Women Pregnant Against Their Wills

Your Thoughts?

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  • Forbidden Snowflake

    The last phrase just captures it all.

  • Evan Bettencourt

    It really blows my mind that it seems like almost nobody in the mainstream has stood up and said, “But isn’t the real question about violating the freedom of religion of the people who work for your hospitals?”

    • Daniel Fincke

      Exactly. I’ve said that over and over again, myself and it was infuriating not to hear it in the mainstream.

  • Giliell, not to be confused with The Borg

    Will they force women to take contraception against their religious convictions?
    If no, it’s a non-issue.

  • Aliasalpha

    Bah, video’s not available for me

  • laurentweppe

    You know, you should follow the republican reasoning to it logical conclusion:

    I have a moral objection to war: I must have an exemption from federal tax!
    I have a moral objection to budgetary waste done by state and local governments: I must have an exemption from VAT!

  • rork

    My thoughts were that these were outstanding posts, but I’m usually not inclined to comment simply to say well done.

    Well done.

  • Stan Brooks

    I, on the other hand, often comment just to say “well done” and so it was. Thanks for posting this Daniel. I’ve been following you since Greta moved over here and have enjoyed your reasoned approach, must have something to do with being a philosophy professor, or so one might imagine.