They Have Gay People At Bob Jones University Too

Did you know they have gay people at Bob Jones University too? Libby Anne has the scoop.

My own über-fundamentalist alma mater, Grove City College, has gay people too. They even started a rainbow alliance group, one even named after our campus’s iconic “Rainbow Bridge”. I interviewed the brave founder of the group, Jesy Littlejohn, last year. I’m happy to report they’re still running, even now that she’s graduated.

I’m starting to suspect there might be gay people everywhere.

Imagine that.

Your Thoughts?

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  • annie

    Well thank goodness! Just think of the perspective a gay person can bring to a place like Bob Jones? But honestly, I feel bad for them… all of them, gay or not, who must suffer through such an “education”.

  • jakc

    I think back to my undergrad days at a liberal college thirty years ago, and can remember no out gay students or organizations, one of the few qualities my school shared with Oral Roberts or BYU (both attended by relatives). In the years since, I see some classmates who are now open, and I imagine that the school has a strong gay/lesbian/bisexual organization. Nice to see some of the religious schools catch up

  • sunsangnim

    I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and quite a few people from my school went to Grove City. I remember hearing that GCC had strict dating rules. Even though I was extremely religious at the time, I didn’t understand the purpose. If you want to live according to christian rules, why can’t you do that on your own without an official school policy?

    I still wonder the same thing when I hear theocrats like Rick Santorum.

  • laurentweppe

    Even though I was extremely religious at the time, I didn’t understand the purpose. If you want to live according to christian rules, why can’t you do that on your own without an official school policy?

    Because the core of christian fundies’ dogma is not “Jesus love You”, but “Humans are Cattle” and one does not trust cattle to do “the right thing” on their own accord: one put barbwires around the field to make sure the cattle does not go where it’s not supposed to be.

  • Vikker

    We are everywhere!
    And when the athiest/agnostics (not sure yet) among us read these stories we partially recoil in horror at not being told lies, about not being able to have access to knowledge that aids in digesting your difference, at having to lie to yourself and everyone around you; and the combination of these things and the outrageous fear it produces.
    And then – Pride! Coming out is tough, coming out through all of that, well that just makes me beam with pride.
    Knowing and being true to yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself for your life.