Camels With Hammers At The Reason Rally

So next weekend is, of course, the Reason Rally in Washington, DC. If you can make it, please consider doing so as it is a huge opportunity for American atheists nationwide to make our presence known in our capitol—a place where, in the 21st Century, secularism is increasingly and appallingly treated like a dirty word (unless Muslim countries are being described). It’s time that those of us committed to the separation of church and state and who stand for secular values even in the private realm get counted.

I am particularly excited as this will be my first atheist convention or rally of any kind. I am eager to meet many of my fellow Freethought Blogs colleagues who will be there. I am especially excited that I will be rooming for the weekend with Richard Wade, my favorite atheist blogger and the author of Friendly Atheist‘s “Dear Richard” column. There will be a Freethought Blogs/Friendly Atheist after party immediately following the rally. And the night before the rally Richard and I will be attending a dinner together. We will be at the rally very early Saturday morning so I should probably not make ambitious plans for Friday night after that dinner. And I am not sure what will happen in terms of an after-after-party on Saturday night

Sunday, however, I am free so far. I do not think I will attend the American Atheists convention unless there is a discounted rate for people not staying over in the hotel and who can only attend one day. I will catch the 10pm Amtrak out of D.C. on Sunday night. Will any Camels With Hammers readers still be around D.C. on Sunday and interested in getting together at some point? If so, please discuss possibilities in the comments and/or write me about them. I am open to ideas. I don’t know anything about D.C. except that the President lives there. (If you are a Camels With Hammers reader,  Mr. President, I would be especially interested in meeting you and would work around your schedule as the highest priority, so just say the word.)

If you would like to meet up at the rally, be in touch via Facebook or gmail with your contact information. I am thinking of possibly working out some system to let people who express interest in meeting up with me know where I am throughout the rally via text message in case where I am is at all accessible. I really don’t know much about what to expect and can’t promise anything but if you want in on such a thing, let me know.

If you are looking for me at the rally, you should be forewarned I no longer look much like I do in the photo in my profile. I leave that up because it is easier on you readers, not because it is accurate. If you are looking for me in D.C. you’re looking for someone who looks more like this guy:

Except that I do not always blend in with neighboring furniture. Sometimes. But not always. I’m not a chameleon-man. And if all goes according to plan, I will probably have shorter hair.

In case I am still unrecognizable, even if you’re looking for me based on this real live up to date March 2012 photograph, Hank is making a lanyard with my name and my more familiar picture on it, so you can alternately look for the guy wearing this snazzy looking thing:

Your Plans? Your Thoughts On What My Plans Should Be?

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