CNN's Credulous Reporting on Catholicism

I’m watching CNN right now and cannot believe how thoroughly this report dispenses with all standards of journalistic evidence and detachment in presenting dubious miracle claims as straight facts with reasonable, undisputed evidence behind them. The first part of the report, which I wish I could find but CNN hasn’t seemed to put anywhere online yet, is just as credulous. They’re referring to miracles as though they’re flat out indisputable occurrences. They’re reporting on the status of specific people as “holy” and “saints” as matter-of-factly as if they were describing objective statuses and mundane occupations.  And they unquestionably lionize this Andrea Ambrosi character who charges tens of thousands of dollars a year to multiple groups and individuals to advocate for the sainthood seemingly of anyone who a given Catholic desperately wants to see get the status. And there’s not the slightest hint of question about the dubious PR motives of the pope in loosening the requirements of sainthood to make more saints. This whole willfully gullible puff piece should embarrass CNN:

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