Evil Big Thing

Rock Beyond Belief is ON in less than 2 hours! If you can still get to Fayetteville, North Carolina for this afternoon, head on over to Fort Bragg asap! The event’s MC, FtB’s own Ed Brayton, is already there and dressed for the occasion:

(via Hemant)

I had the pleasure of spending nearly the entirety of the Reason Rally and the post-rally dinner with Ed. He was chock full of great stories, funny quips, cynical head shaking, and civil libertarian political analysis throughout the day.

We both agreed that Jessica Ahlquist and Nate Phelps were two of the most moving speakers of the day. If you still haven’t ordered your own “Evil Little Thing” shirt in support of Jessica, you can do so here.

The shirts are the brainchild of Freethought Blogs’s Ophelia Benson in response to Rhode Island State Representative Peter G. Palumbo calling Ahlquist an “evil little thing” for taking her school to court over an unconstitutional prayer banner. If you weren’t at the Reason Rally a week ago, or just would like to relive one of its highlights, below is video of Jessica receiving a college scholarship check from Hemant Mehta (partially funded by “Evil Little Thing” t-shirt sales) and making the memorable speech where she told the admiring crowd assembled that to her we are all evil little things:

Your Thoughts?

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