In Case You Missed The First 3 Years of YouTube…

You can catch up in 3 minutes. It was pretty nuts:

Your Thoughts?

A Moral Philosopher on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
Star Wars Disneyfied
All the Awesome New “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” Light Sabers Revealed!
Comedian Bill Burr on Why He Left Religion
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  • Cynthia

    I don’t pay much attention to You Tube, I’m out of the age demographic for it, I think. But this was an awesome recap. It was so much more fun than watching each one individually.

    Wading through all the mess on that site is more than I want to do – I use it to look for specific things. It’s a wonder for tracking down that fragment of music or a new artist. And my child used it to learn to knit (useful, since that’s a skill I never mastered).

    The one downside I see with the site is the comments. People are just idiots in their comments. And the cruelty? It rivals elevator gate levels.

    So, I’ve learned to watch but not look at the comments. It leaves me in a happier place.

  • John Morales


  • Jackson

    I am pleased and surprised by how many of these I DON’T recognize.

  • Xenolith

    Mostly harmless compared to what was done in the 60:ies and the 70:ies…