It's "A" Week on Facebook!

All this upcoming week (March 18-24), it’s time to sport this beautiful “A” for Atheist (or another of your own or another’s devising). in celebration of “A” Week!

“A” Week is a chance for atheists to proudly make our non-belief known to our friends and families. I have a special fondness for “A” Week (as I explained near the end of the interview I gave last week to Amy Childs) since it was through “A” Week that I began to meet my thousands of atheist Facebook friends who have provided me with such an indispensable community of unbelief always at my fingertips for the last two years. So much of the great stuff I aggregate on this blog comes through the links and resources they provide. If you’re an atheist without much real world or online support for your atheism outside of, say, blogs, I really recommend you take the chance and open up your Facebook experience to the thousands of friendly atheists out there.

The Sunday “A” Week started two years ago was Easter and I had been so bummed to see my Facebook feed turn into a veritable church service filled with “He is Risen” this and “He is Risen” that. Later that week, late one night I went to “A” Week’s Facebook page and started friending people who had liked the page and put up the “A”. By the morning I had hundreds of new atheist acquaintances, many of whom have grown to become friends in the last two years. By the end of the week, my Facebook feed was filled with atheist memes and great articles on atheism and secular politics.

So put up the “A” and express your pride in your atheism. And if you want to know where to start friending receptive atheists, you can start by friending me. And I will direct you to others who will be glad to friend you or accept your request.

Get plugged in.

And if you are looking for stuff to share with those who do not understand why it is so important for atheists to make their non-belief a matter of personal statement and identity, I recommend you share with others any of the following posts I’ve written explaining why atheism and community among atheists matter:

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Your Thoughts?

(skywritten “A” via Helen Arrol)

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