My Neighborhood in the News

So my dad told me that his wife’s daughter saw me on WNBC news yesterday morning. I cannot yet find the clip though. In the video below they interview a guy who runs a dry cleaner on my block. I only went did my dry cleaning through him once but he was a really cool guy. He made a really good impression. Then they interview the owner of Bocca. I love that restaurant. I have only eaten there twice and the menu was a little too ambitious for my simple tastes but it’s a beautiful place. When I moved into the neighborhood the previous restaurant in that space was about to close. Then it was this abandoned spot for months. Then it was boarded off. And then one morning, I left for work and it was still behind boards so you couldn’t see anything and when I came home at night not only was a new gorgeous restaurant suddenly there but it was packed with beautiful well dressed people. It was like this magical advertisement for “the good life” had just appeared on this corner where once there was failure and desolation. And so now every night on my walk home exhausted, usually from a 17 hour day, every second as I walk pass the restaurant I almost never fail to look longingly inside and vicariously live the good life that I fantasize is happening within.

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If I can find the clip in which I was interviewed, I’ll post it too.

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