Philosophical Advice Column Still Coming Soon, Keep Submitting Questions

Hi everyone! Sorry for the drop off in posting the last couple days. I will catch up reading your comments and resume posting at normal speed tomorrow. Sometimes a week just is harder than you anticipate going in and then it takes a little while to recuperate from.

I just figured while there is not much going on on the blog today I should take the chance to remind you that soon I will be launching my new “Philosophical Advice” column. If you have any practical questions about ethical decisions or about living as an atheist or about just making a difficult life choice in general and you think my philosophical perspective may aid you, send me your questions to my gmail account (“camelswithhammers@gmail”). I have already gotten some and have been excited by the prospect of answering them. Keep them coming and I will get to as many as I can, at least in private and hopefully on the blog too!

Thanks and see you tomorrow when I start posting in earnest for the month of March!

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