Your Daily Dose of Rush Limbaugh Hypocrisy

The first of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers to jump ship had been Sleep Train. They changed their mind and the oh-so contrite Limbaguh responded to their attempt by having his spokesman write them an e-mail:

“Rush received your requests personally,” said his email, which was released to the media. “Unfortunately, your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future. Rush appreciates your long friendship and past support, and we wish you good luck in the future.”

That’s right, folks, Rush Limbaugh does not stand for people who inaccurately portray others’ characters or the intents of their remarks. He’s an unforgiving man of principle.

Oy, the chutzpah.

If you missed my more developed thoughts on the Limbaugh affair from last week you can read them in the posts Why Misogynistic Language Matters and No, You Can’t Call People Sluts.

And for many of the rest of my thoughts which I didn’t have the time nor talent to adequately express, there’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from last week too. 

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