Camels With Hammers Banner Update

So I asked Alex D’Adamo, the graphic artist who made for me the brilliant Camels With Hammers logo we have all become so accustomed to since it debuted in the fall, to make a Facebook Timeline cover version of it for me and to tinker with the site banner to work in the atheist A and the words PHILOSOPHY ETHICS ATHEISM NIETZSCHE so that newcomers have an idea of the site’s themes. Here are the current banner and then his first new mock up of the new one, in timeline dimensions, with both scaled down to fit a blog post.

So, at present it goes from this current site banner

to this basic Facebook cover, which needs to be scaled and adjusted to work as a site banner:

At minimum, I want the words Philosophy and Nietzsche swapped since Nietzsche is much more in the background and philosophy much more in the foreground on the site. I like the blurring effect and ambivalent about the words overlapping.

Your Thoughts?

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