Camels With Hammers Banner Update

So I asked Alex D’Adamo, the graphic artist who made for me the brilliant Camels With Hammers logo we have all become so accustomed to since it debuted in the fall, to make a Facebook Timeline cover version of it for me and to tinker with the site banner to work in the atheist A and the words PHILOSOPHY ETHICS ATHEISM NIETZSCHE so that newcomers have an idea of the site’s themes. Here are the current banner and then his first new mock up of the new one, in timeline dimensions, with both scaled down to fit a blog post.

So, at present it goes from this current site banner

to this basic Facebook cover, which needs to be scaled and adjusted to work as a site banner:

At minimum, I want the words Philosophy and Nietzsche swapped since Nietzsche is much more in the background and philosophy much more in the foreground on the site. I like the blurring effect and ambivalent about the words overlapping.

Your Thoughts?

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About Daniel Fincke

Dr. Daniel Fincke  has his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and spent 11 years teaching in college classrooms. He wrote his dissertation on Ethics and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. On Camels With Hammers, the careful philosophy blog he writes for a popular audience, Dan argues for atheism and develops a humanistic ethical theory he calls “Empowerment Ethics”. Dan also teaches affordable, non-matriculated, video-conferencing philosophy classes on ethics, Nietzsche, historical philosophy, and philosophy for atheists that anyone around the world can sign up for. (You can learn more about Dan’s online classes here.) Dan is an APPA  (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) certified philosophical counselor who offers philosophical advice services to help people work through the philosophical aspects of their practical problems or to work out their views on philosophical issues. (You can read examples of Dan’s advice here.) Through his blogging, his online teaching, and his philosophical advice services each, Dan specializes in helping people who have recently left a religious tradition work out their constructive answers to questions of ethics, metaphysics, the meaning of life, etc. as part of their process of radical worldview change.

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    I find it Cameloid, all too cameloid… :)

    Having Nietzsche in a row with Philosophy, Atheism and Ethics, really jumps out at me as a category error (or something like that), kind of like a Blog on Food, Pasta and Noodles, so I would at least put it in the background. Of course you could argue that Nietzsche is witty polemics rather than stringent Philosophy, so it’s at least not redundant :)

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    Needs more lens flare! (sarcasm. sorry, my opinion is that lens flare is a little tacky and should be used only in very limited contexts.)

  • Spanish Inquisitor

    I think since it’s going on a timeline, to have the four topics in a timeline, maybe Philosophy–>Nietzsche–>Ethics–>Atheism with the first in the background, blurred, progressively getting less blurred coming forward, to the last being in sharp focus. One on top of the other, slightly offset, though overlapping, as you have it now.

  • Gwynnyd

    It looks messy and unfocused to me. Could you just make the ‘a’ in camel and/or hammer into the atheist A rather than have it float weirdly in the sky? Or have ‘atheism’ be more prominent in the stack and begin with the logo-’a’?

    The blur and the uneven stack of words make my eyes hurt. Sorry.

    • sisu

      Agree completely with “messy and unfocused.” With the graphic, the “A,” the blog title, and all four words, there is just too much going on for such a small space. Simple pictures are best!

  • ‘Tis Himself

    According to the banner, your primary focus (pun not intended) is on Nietzsche and your take on philosophy is fuzzy.

  • eric

    Like @4, I’m not a fan. Why not just a small script line across the bottom of the banner that says “Thoughts on Philosophy…”?

  • Jon H

    I agree with Eric.

    I get what you’re trying to do, but that’s information overload which I can’t see helping new comers and frankly I don’t want to have to look at that every day when I come to this site.

    At minimum I’d lose the A and the shiny hammer, which bothers me for some reason. Probably because it’s drawing attention when now there are so many things vying for it.

  • julian

    I think you’ll be pleased to hear that after seeing The Portable Nietzsche pimped on your blog description for however long it’s been up there I finally purchased it this past weekend.

    On topic. The new banner would work if you cut out some words (atheism and philosophy gets the intended message across, I think), dropped the scarlet A (already have atheist in there) and got rid of the lens flare (it draws the eyes away from the rest of the banner. The old camel with a hammer worked fine.)

    • Daniel Fincke

      I think you’ll be pleased to hear that after seeing The Portable Nietzsche pimped on your blog description for however long it’s been up there I finally purchased it this past weekend.

      So that was you. Believe it or not, I knew someone bought it because someone followed one of my links and I can look up to see all the things people buy after they follow one of my links there. I just looked yesterday and noticed someone bought the Portable Nietzsche. :)

    • julian

      I’m about to make your day, Dr. Fincke. I purchased my copy at a thrift shop.

      So, thanks to your tireless campaigning, two people have found Nietzsche this Easter weekend.

    • Daniel Fincke

      hahaha well that’s great then.

  • John Morales

    Call it a datum that I don’t give a shit, beyond a certain point you’ve already passed.

    (It’s just a banner — it’s the content that matters)

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Argh, no lens flares!!!

  • SkeptiBee

    I know this is a little late, but I would like to give some thoughts. At present, this design is far too cluttered with no real focus. The iconic camel with the hammer should be the focal point. Perhaps the artist could try the following:

    - lens flare. It must be eliminated. If the point is to make the hammer more prominent then lighten the hammer or put deeper shadows on the camel where the hammer shadow would fall. Just no lens flared.
    - Ditch the blurring for text fading instead. Lower the opacity of the text and use a similar color already in the banner.
    - Keep the color to a minimum. The red only distracts the viewers here the emphasis should be on the header and camel.
    - the value range between the background and camel are too similar. The original banner looks much better with the two being distinct.
    - try different composition schemes. At present, it’s looking cluttered because the text doesn’t flow.

    I do hope this can help, but I’m not sure if the banner was finished or not considering it’s been a week. XD

  • Nathalie

    I can work some photoshop magic for you over the weekend, whenever you need it, profs. Do ask.