Jamie Kilstein at the Reason Rally

Jamie Kilstein is a cohost of the podcast Citizen Radio. His vigorous, wide-ranging, hilarious, and righteous rant was one of the real highlights of the Reason Rally. He actually was the one speaker I noticed to devote any significant part of his speech to scathingly criticizing the atheist community for any of its deficiencies. I was impressed by how versed in atheist internet controversies he was (most specifically he addressed an infamous Reddit incident).

His rant (below) is filled with NSFW language:

I love the takedown of agnostics:

Welcome to a rally with no agnostics. I think I like Christians more than agnostics because at least they took a really dumb stand. Agnostics are like people who vote independent–pick a side and start losing friends like the rest of us!

My own criticisms of agnostics are hereherehere, and here.

The next morning, he appeared along with Steven Pinker, Susan Jacoby, and Jamila Bey as part of Chris Hayes’s opening panel on his atheism theme episode of his MSNBC show:

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He came back to fill time while Bad Religion set up:

Your Thoughts?

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