Mistakes on Standardized Tests, Teachers Ordered Not To Alert Students Unless They Ask

The state of New York makes a baffling, unfair decision in response to an error on a standardized test it’s administering starting today:

On the eighth grade test, one question had no correct answer, and schools are instructed to alert students.

And on the fourth grade exam, one question has two correct answers. But in this case, schools are directed to tell students about the problem only if they ask questions about the item.

Elizabeth Phillips, principal of Brooklyn Public School 321, called it “completely unfair” not to warn fourth-graders.

“That means that in some rooms, where a child asks, the children will be at an advantage as they will know that they don’t have to keep deliberating, while in other classrooms, where students don’t ask, some are likely to waste a lot of time on this question,” she said.

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