Tegan and Sara in "Body Work" and "Carpool Confessional"

The song is credited as primarily Morgan Page’s but all the singing is Tegan and Sara so mediocre lyrics aside, I’ll consider this one a Tegan and Sara song. It’s great to see and hear them again:

AND they’re recording their new album finally! And they’re filming all their trips to and from the studio and posting “carpool confessionals” weekly throughout the process. They already have 6 episodes. You probably have to be a pretty big fan (like me) to appreciate any of this stuff. So, if you’re not and you don’t, don’t blame me. I warned you. But that said, the fourth one (below) is probably hilarious enough to be viewed by even non-fans.

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  • M Groesbeck

    I love Tegan and Sara (thanks for pointing out the song!), but I also like to give credit to songwriters, composers, and arrangers. So…”MP feat. T&S” still seems appropriate, as long as it’s not cut off before mentioning T&S.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Daniel Fincke

      Quite often writers, arrangers, and composers are irrelevant. We just attribute the song to the band or the artist whose album it is. In this case, it’s Morgan Page’s album so that’s why T&S are being relegated to “featuring” but essentially you could put this on their album and it’s their song. The other thing about it is that the singing is so distinctively them. Sara’s parts in particular are so idiomatically her own in the rhythms. She’s not just a hired singer, it’s like the song was distinctly modeled off of “Director” or “Alligator” with her unique idiosyncrasies replicated. Or she just transformed an otherwise totally banal chorus into her fascinatingly personal style. In either case, that’s what makes it so distinctively a Tegan and Sara song to me.

    • M Groesbeck

      It’s definitely a Tegan and Sara performance — in the same way that Trane and Johnny Hartman doing “Lush Life” make the performance absolutely theirs while the song is still definitely a Billy Strayhorn tune. It doesn’t have to be an either/or; I try to listen to it as a both/and.

      …though yeah, this could easily be a “Tegan and Sara featuring Morgan Page” track. The only difference is whose album the song shows up on. And as I’m a T&S fan rather than a Morgan Page fan (so far), I listen to it as a T&S song.

  • Karen

    Oh oh, can I play? I love the Against Me! feat. Tegan, collaboration best. But then I did just download “Body Work” into my iTunes library and can’t stop listening. Curses Daniel! *shakes fist at the ceiling*

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