The Genius Pitch To Get The Original Muppet Show On The Air

Below is the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational pitch to executives you will ever see. It was used to get Jim Henson’s glorious muppet show on TV. It can be found (in a longer version involving Kermit at the end) on the DVD for the first season of the show. Man, I love the muppets.

(via Boing Boing.)

If you’re anything like me, after watching that, this is running through your head:

Relatedly, my mom bought me The Muppets (which was awesome) for Easter. So I should probably re-mention that I love my mom too.

Let me close with a troubling conversation I had the other night which impressed upon me the need to talk about the muppets more on my blog. It began when some 17 year olds overheard the muppets while I was watching them on the bus home from New Jersey the other night. It speaks for itself.

17 year old girl: What are you watching?
Me: The Muppets.
17 year old girl: What’s that?
Me: ?!?!?!
Other 17 year old to her: Are you an American?!?!
Other 17 year old to her: Are you a communist?!?!

Your Thoughts? (Do you think she’s a communist? If not, then WTF?)

Finally, the song I want played at my funeral:

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