The Pastor Who Came Out As An Atheist On MSNBC

The day after the Reason Rally, Chris Hayes devoted his entire MSNBC show to atheism. Here he interviewed Mike Aus, a pastor who came out as an atheist through the Clergy Project. After the show, Richard Dawkins introduced him to the American Atheists conference and he received a standing ovation. Below is the video of his discussion. That same day Jerry DeWitt, another pastor-turned-atheist graduate of the Clergy Project and the first to go public, gave a memorable presentation for atheists in his southern Pentecostal preaching style. I reviewed that talk the day a week and a half ago.

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Your Thoughts?

  • reasonbeing

    I did not know that Hayes did that. Good for him and MSNBC for allowing it. The more stories of Pastors that have left their religions and become atheists that make the national news the better. I think it is safe to assume that the decisions that men like Aus and Dewitt have made and their reasons could serve to inspire other people to draw the same conclusions. I wish we had more news stories like that and less of the type that Nicholas Kristof wrote in today’s NY Times titled “Learning to Respect Religion”.