A Member of Pastor Worley's Flock

Earlier this week Charles Worley advocated concentration camps for gay people. Last night one of his parishioners went on TV to explain to Anderson Cooper the reasoning behind her support for her pastor. Long story short: “The Bible. Shut up.” The longer incoherent rambling bigoted mess of her words is below:

via Truth Wins Out

Your Thoughts?

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  • RW Ahrens

    It’s obvious that this lady has definitely turned off her critical thinking faculties. She was blindsided several times by Anderson’s questions and had no rational answer – all she could do was just say, “yeah, the Bible!”

    I try so hard to not get personal in my criticisms of christian thinking about their magic book and its theology, but listening to this woman bluster about and miss the entire point of Anderson’s questions makes it damn hard not to do here.

    So, I’ll just call her a moron in my mind…oh, did I say that out loud?

  • Randomfactor

    In the spirit of “Do unto others” she’d be OK with having Christians rounded up into death camps, right?


  • gregfromcos

    She could be the face for what cognitive dissonance looks like.

    You can see it several times in the interview where her reason is trying to break through.

    I wonder if there have been any studies on the non verbal cues for someone experiencing a moment of cognitive dissonance.

  • http://outofthegdwaye.wordpress.com/ George W.

    My oh my….
    Wow. Just. Wow.

    This lady was a clusterfuck stacked on top of a total mess covered in stupid sauce.

    It was worse than I even imagined.
    “Here we go again….talking about the words he actually said! It’s always about electric fences. Why do you media people keep droning on about imprisoning gays behind electric fences? I keep answering the same question, over and over! It’s not about the pastors actual words, it’s about the spirit of what he meant.”

    Word to the wise: If you don’t want people making a big deal about you suggesting we lock up people behind electric fences….maybe start by not suggesting we lock people up behind electric fences.
    Just sayin’

  • http://www.imagesandmeanings.com Gary Hill

    That was truly embarrassing for her.

    Please someone tell me that she wasn’t hand-picked to conduct this interview because she was the best candidate they had.

  • http://brucegerencser.net Bruce Gerencser

    As you know, I was a Baptist pastor for 25 years. Worley, his church, and this member? A very common species in the Baptist church. Christians will try to suggest this is an aberration but I know better. In fact, in the day I talked just like Worley, complete with the church shouting Amen. I still grieve over my hatefulness, even though I am 9 years removed from the pastorate. All I can do now is expose bigots like Worley and publicly work to change the bigotry in this country.

    Worley has the Bible on his side…..and that is why Bible can not be the standard for a progressive secular society.

    As always, love your blog.


    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/camelswithhammers Daniel Fincke

      Thanks, Bruce, it’s great to see you around these parts.

  • diana

    Can’t listen to that. I once was a Baptist, lots of my family still are, and I live in Texas. I can use the tapes in my head.

  • magistramarla

    One of the South’s finest – yes siree.
    (sarcasm dripping)