Best of Tegan and Sara's "Carpool Confessional"

So, as I noted before, as Tegan and Sara have been recording their new album they have also been making weekly videos of their daily car trips to and from the studio. Last week’s video brought the exciting news that the album is done. And for their last “confessional” they recapped many of the most amusing moments from the whole “Carpool Confessional” series. Having watched the whole series, I can attest, they really did incorporate most of the best stuff from the series. I was going to qualify my endorsement of this video by saying you might have to be a huge Tegan and Sara fan like me to enjoy this, but then I saw that the video has 664 likes and 0 dislikes. So, apparently, their supremely charming droll geekery is less an acquired taste than I originally feared.

And if you don’t have their albums yet, The Con and Sainthood are outstanding. The Con is officially my personal favorite album by anyone anywhere ever.

If you want a taste of their music, one is below the fold.

Your Thoughts?

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