Blogathon Recap

I’m done!

These blogathons are really interesting experiences. It’s hard to generate too much in-depth writing with a new post due every 45 minutes. So, I am ending the blogathon still with a decent sized list of substantive posts I want to write the next few days and weeks. But this was a nice opportunity to link to a lot of other stuff that’s been going on that I have wanted to profile.

You can relive all the magic (or catch up with what you missed if you wimped out and went to bed or had a life to attend to or something) by following the links below:

9:45 am Banksy Against Advertisers

10:30 am Best of Tegan and Sara’s “Carpool Confessional”

11:15 am I’m So Sick of Whining About Negative Campaign Ads

12 pm My Thoughts on Obama’s “Evolution” Towards Favoring Marriage Equality

12:45 pm A Member of Pastor Worley’s Flock

1:30 pm Natalie Portman and Elmo

2:15 pm Kermit’s X-Ray

3 pm Shelley Segal’s Salamander Song

3:45 pm Penn Jillette vs. President Obama on Drugs

4:30 pm Quote Mining Camus

5:15 pm From Quiverful Courtship To Lesbian Couple

6 pm The Women In Secularism Conference

6:45 pm James Croft vs. Alain de Botton

7:30 pm Will There Be Marriage Equality in Maryland, Thanks to Obama?

8:15 pm I Hate Your Blog

9 pm Blogathon Halfway Point!

9:45 pm Mr. Deity and Human Rights

10:30 pm Marriage and Christianity

11:15 pm Stay in the Bike Lane

12 am Laci Green vs. Fat Shame

12:45 am Soon Even I Will Be Able To Draw

1:30 am A Scathing And Far Reaching Analysis of the Degeneration of the Right Wing

2:15 am Yahoo’s New Search Engine

3 am Iron and Wine’s Trapeze Swinger (Camels With Hammers Blogathon Insomniac Theater)

3:45 am Beach House’s “Zebra” (Camels With Hammers Blogathon Insomniac Theater)

4:30 am Menomena’s “Evil Bee” (Camels With Hammers Blogathon Insomniac Theater)

5:15 am Rowlf the Dog on the Jimmy Dean Show

6 am Former Daily Show Writer Accuses Jon Stewart of Punishing His Writers For Forming A Union

6:45 am When The Rapture Doesn’t Happen As Expected

7:30 am Miley Cyrus, Budding Feminist Role Model?

8:15 am When Organizations Refuse To See Reality

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