For All Those Bereaved Because of Wars

I don’t know how you feel, but my heart goes out to you.

Let all of us know what, if anything, we can do for you.

Your Thoughts?

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  • festersixohsixonethree

    My first experiences of veterans returning from war was in the Viet Nam era – and it was hideous. Soldiers coming home were often vilified, spit on, insulted, threatened and bullied – merely for being vets.
    It was disgraceful and appalling and wrong.
    The later conflicts were bad in a different way: Men and women who desperately needed care were put through the wringer of red tape and excuses while those companies hired to give the care reaped billions while providing jack shit.
    The flagship armed forces hospital – Walter Reed – was a mess; falling apart, sub-standard, disgraceful.
    It bothers me still – and very much – to hear the politicians talking about paying the price and ultimate sacrifice – all those words that try to make the dehumanizing work of war somehow sacred or less painful to see or hear about… while at the same time giving the vets short shrift in pay, in services, in medical care and education.
    It is my firm belief that ALL VETERANS should be able to walk into ANY MEDICAL facility in the US and get completely free care for life. FOR LIFE.
    ALL VETERANS should be able to walk into any school or college or university in the US and get completely free tuition, free books, and NO FEES for as long as they want to study and for whatever it is they want to study.
    Let’s not keep putting these men and women through hell and trauma and suffering and then just patting them on the back with a “gee thanks – and good luck!” It’s disgraceful. And mean spirited.