Mr. Deity Meets Joseph Smith

In his newest Mr. Deity video, Brian Keith Dalton goes after his own former religion:

Stick with the video after the credits for Brian’s account of what Dan Dennett is really like and to see a message to the Mr. Deity audience from numerous famous atheists (including our own PZ Myers) recorded at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne.

Your Thoughts?

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  • John Morales

    Brian the Beggar, eh?

    (Some people find him amusing, I am informed.

    Go figure)

  • Derek McCue

    The Global Atheist Convention was in Melbourne not Sydney

    • John Morales

      You haven’t watched the video, have ya? :)

      (He’s on his way!)

    • Brian

      Watched the video and the GAC was still in Melbourne.

  • herewegoagain

    “Don’t make him beg.” Guess this is the way “Mr. Deity” is asking his audience for financial support. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Lou Doench

      It’s a running gag.

  • Brian

    Traveling back to the US via the Atlantic? Circuitous route. I liked his joke about being unable to get Dan Dennett to pull his finger.