NAACP Ad Denied By The City of Philadelphia

I believe it deserves to be seen. Pass it on if you do too.

From a fall article about the city of Philadelphia’s refusal to run this ad:

When asked whether such a billboard would be appropriate for first-time visitors to the city, [Robert Brooks, director of the NAACP's criminal-justice program] said, “Absolutely.”

“We are a country that locks up more people than any other country in the world, and if I was traveling somewhere, I would want to know that when I get there,” he said.

The website advertised on the billboard is here. A petition to sign and send to your governor requesting that education become a greater priority than incarceration is here.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Zengaze

    Humans in general don’t like reality. It’s why the entertainment industry, the god industry and the narcotics industry are the big three. You could argue the sex industry aswel, as the chances of that hottie sleeping with you if you weren’t paying her are next to zero.

    But next you’ll be telling people the American dream is a cultural illusion! Or that the reason their wife has suddenly got gym fever isn’t because she wants to look sexier in her new lingere for you, but the personal trainer she’s banging when you aren’t there.

  • Aliasalpha

    Aww spam, here I was thinking that was GENUINE advice… Hah sorry, can’t keep a straight face anymore.

    Is Philadelphia home to a lot of prisons and/or has a particularly strong reputation for locking people up? About the only (sensible) reason I can think of that they’d object to it is if they thought it was taking the piss out of the city.

    • Reverend PJ

      When I was in Philadelphia for a class trip a guy got murdered outside of our hotel and had his fingers cut off to get his jewelry. I suppose if that’s normal behavior in Philly, they might not want a billboards that might make people think of crime.

    • Aliasalpha

      Ahh well they probably don’t want to upset the ‘murder & finger removal’ industry, bad for business and all

  • reasonbeing

    People do not like to hear the truth Daniel…you know that…and the second part of your last sentence is terrifying to them…an education…uh oh…that might lead to learning about the truth…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Maybe the problem is the Statue of Liberty – an icon of the New York city skyline. They need something with local appeal, like the Liberty Bell.

  • Ann

    No the real issue here with the reason the NAACP wants to place this sign up is the same reason as here in my state…. Because the Liberal Racists are trying to accuse the law of locking up only black men and had rather them give them a pat on the back and a free education than jail time!!! HELLO, I don’t give a crab if your black, white, indian or freckin china… If you stupid enough to do the aweful sick crime then you do the time!!! The real solution is these people need Jesus in their evil hearts! STOP making excuses for your racisum NAACP… By the way we’re about to state a WWAWP for white people! Oh snap how foolish of me to forget that would be racist now wouldn’t it… You people are just like AL Sharpton and have evil hearts that seek to keep hatred and division stirred up and the Lord has shown me why you are this way… Because you hate the white race and hold hatred in your hearts. That’s ok though because as His Holy word says… Jesus says depart from me ye workers sin/division I NEVER knew you!!!

  • John Morales


    I see that is a site that spams.

    (Ethics are for other enterprises)