Natalie Portman and Elmo

Since the muppets have been on my mind of late and since I have long admired Natalie Portman, I decided to check out Natalie’s appearance on Sesame Street. It’s got a terrific feminist message. All kids should see it:

And speaking of celebrity women I have crushes on hanging out with muppets, as a bonus, below the fold is Tegan and Sara with some sort of Canadian muppet knock off called Mamma Yamma. True story: I also am a Canadaphile:

Your Thoughts?

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Natalie is very clearly having the time of her life on that show.

  • George W.

    My kids watch Mamma Yamma (She is a talking Yam, if you missed that) on KidsCBC all the time. She’s the co-host of the bit scenes that segue the CBC lineup, along with Saumon Du Champlain- a French Colonial fish- and a couple live action hosts.
    My favorite part of the whole thing is that the theme song is “Beautiful Day” by Bedouin Soundclash- a song that was waaaay overplayed in Canada but is still a great song.

  • mikewelsh

    Quite the contrast to her appearance in the Lonely Island Digital Short, Natalie’s Rap, and her reprisal in the 100th Digital Short. ;-)

  • Physicalist

    Funny. I was just watching that Elmo & Natalie clip with my kid this morning.