A New "Broken Social Scene" Band!

For a decade now, Broken Social Scene has been one of the best bands in all of pop music, indie or otherwise. They are also a band filled with talented artists who are part of other bands on the side, some of which are comparably fantastic as BSS itself. Now Brandon Channing, one of the central BSS players, has a new band called Cookie Duster, and a new video (above) for the song, “Two Feet Stand Up” to introduce their new album, When Flying Was Easy (which is already available digitally and which will be available on CD July 3).

I love the song. I think it sounds like what BSS would be like if they wrote catchy pop tunes. And I love that it has a woman singer because I have not only do I have a general bias towards women singers, but because the minority of BSS songs that have had women on lead have typically been some of the very best they have put out.

And while on the topic BSS side projects, let me take a moment to also draw your attention to the incredible work of Charles Spearin. His band Do Make Say Think makes phenomenal instrumental albums, as good as the best BSS instrumentals. And The Happiness Project is one of my all time favorite albums. In it he uses the notes from normal human speakers and found sounds as the foundation for quirky jazz pieces. Below the fold is a fantastic video introducing the concept and providing samples of the pieces:

If you’re impressed, support innovative musical artists (and Camels With Hammers) by buying it here.

Your Thoughts?

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