Video in which I explain my moral philosophy and Nietzsche’s moral philosophy

To celebrate the third anniversary of Camels With Hammers, at midnight tonight I invited Camels With Hammers readers and Facebook friends to join me on BlogTV. I got to describing my metaethics (in the first two videos, ten minutes each) and then explained Nietzsche’s ethics (and the meaning of the “Camel” in “Camels With Hammers”) in the second two videos (ten minutes each). It was wild fun and people said this audible explanation of ideas was clearer than written versions, so check it out if you think this might help you understand my thinking better!!

Dan Fincke on EthicsBroadcast your self LIVE

Dan Fincke on Ethics 2Broadcast your self LIVE

Dan Fincke NietzscheEthicBroadcast your self LIVE

Dan Fincke Nietzsche2Broadcast your self LIVE

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