Do You Live in Chicago, Tampa, Boca Raton, Minnesota or New York?

I am going to be on a whirlwind tour this summer and was wondering if any Camels With Hammers fans would like me to set up get togethers in their cities. I have no idea what kind of interest there is or not to meet up with me, but I will be in Minnesota at CONvergence July 5-8 (and discussing The Philosophy of Batman there on July 7 at 2pm), in Tampa July 16-22, Boca Raton July 24-30, and Chicago August 1-6. Plus I live in New York and will be mostly free and available to schedule something for some time between August 13-23.

SO, here’s what I’d like you to do. If you would like to meet me and other Camels With Hammers readers, and live within realistic reach of any of those places, and are free within any of those timespans, please tell me which city and what dates/times you could possibly do, and rate your level of commitment to showing up if I schedule something (1 being possibly if you feel like it that day, 2 being yes, if you don’t have other plans arise in the meantime, and 3 if you will rearrange your entire life to meet me—or otherwise just put it in ink if a date is set).

Again, I will be at CONvergence if you will. There will be a Freethought Blogs/Skepchick party room, from 8pm-1am every night and if all goes according to plan I will be bumming around there all night most nights eager to be recognized!

Finally, .

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