Ian Cromwell Takes Requests

Sunday Ian Cromwell at The Crommunist Manifesto took requests from donors to the Secular Student Alliance. They named the song and he would learn it and record a video of himself playing it. It’s a pretty great idea. Below are the links to the songs. Check them out! And have I mentioned yet that Ian will be joining me in conversation as my part of my long day of mostly interviews on Thursday when I do my own blogathon? No? I didn’t mention his addition to the roster. Well consider him mentioned.

Blogathon songathon: The Pedestrian
Blogathon songathon: The Last Unicorn
Blogathon songathon: Helter Skelter
Blogathon songathon – Haw

Blogathon songathon: You’re Not the Boss of Me
Blogathon songathon: Thanks, Bastards!
Blogathon songathon: Somebody Will
Blogathon songathon: 3 Small Words

Now even if you did not actually make those requests, don’t you feel like donating to the cause this man is working so tirelessly to support?

Your Donations? Your Thoughts?

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