I'm Going To Have A Little Help From My Friends

Tomorrow, it’s on.

The most epic blogathon that will ever be blogged.

24 posts in 24 hours.

Including posts of conversations held during the blogathon with my friends Ophelia Benson, Richard Carrier, Zinnia Jones, Vyckie Garrison, Shelley Segal, George Waye, Ian Cromwell, Greg Laden, James Gray, Marta Layton, Dave Smith, JT Eberhard, James Croft, Mary the Catholic Graduate Student, and a few guests who will interview pseudonymously.

This is all for a great cause, the Secular Student Alliance, which gives invaluable resources to inspiring young people who want to advance the cause of free thought and a secular society.

Be there.

I’m going to go to bed now so I am ready for tomorrow. ‘Night all.

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  • John Morales

    This is all for a great cause

    Seems to me like a justification to indulge your faddism.

    I put it to you that you could do even more by just putting the damn donate button prominently in your sidebar and carrying on as usual.

    (I grant it’s possible that someone who might not otherwise might actually donate via your blogathonic effort, so you do have that)

  • http://www.russellturpin.com/ Russell

    Ah, that brings back memories! Thanks.