Jesse Galef and the Obnoxious CNN Interview Questions

So Jesse Galef of the Secular Student Alliance (on whose behalf I am awake in the wee hours of the morning blogging as part of a 24 hour blogathon) appeared on CNN today and the questions he got (nor the tone of voice he got them in) could not have been any more smarmy, indignantly reactionary, or obnoxious without losing the last pretense to objectivity. Notice in the video that the issue of truth is not even broached, we are just supposed to accept that religion does good for kids, period, end of story, no further complications, and therefore atheist kids should not be able to organize among themselves. And we are supposed to buy that suddenly indoctrination of kids is a horrible thing—when atheists are (only) allegedly doing it. Meanwhile systematic indoctrination, from the cradle to the grave, is the modus operandi of the major religions and yet your standard run of the mill representative of those groups would never be told to shut up and go away in so many words, as Galef was here.

And Galef received death threats over that nervous, earnest, firm and yet modest defense of the rights of atheist students to publicly fucking exist.

Jen McCreight has the moral of the story:

This is why what the SSA is doing is so important. We’re assisting students who are organizing on their own, and we’re seen as indoctrinating the youth. We appear on the news to amicably talk about that support, and we receive a death threat. Our existence is threatening to the religious because our existence says “You’re wrong.”

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