JT in The Washington Post

Freethought Blogs’ own JT Eberhard was quoted in The Washington Post in an article on Secular Student Alliance groups in high schools:

“I am hoping that atheist students having their clubs and religious students having their clubs will promote dialogue,” said JT Eberhard, director of SSA’s high school program. “I also hope it will let the atheist students know that you can be an atheist and its okay. You are still a good person. We want to say: Here is a place where you can feel that.”

A major part of JT’s job involves knowing all the intricacies of the law related to the extents and limits of students’ and teachers’ rights to free religious expression while at school. In a fun and freewheeling interview of JT a couple of weeks ago (which was one of eighteen interviews I did that day), I ran a bunch of hypothetical scenarios by him to see what the law says. Many of the answers surprised me.

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